Friday, October 07, 2005


Olivia and Eugene were recently baptized at our church. This photo was taken at home because we left church right after the baptism, and before the end of the service.

Apparently Olivia read the part in the Bible that tells us to sing to God, because as soon as the congregation started singing, she joined right in and kept on going.

Many thanks to our Pastor Jim Gilchrist. Thanks also to our Second Presbyterian Church Elder (and friend), Beth Coolidge, for standing with us at the baptism.


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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Stats & Habits

Things are changing so fast. It seems that the kids pick up and lose habits faster than we can record them. So Tracy came up with a list of their Stats and Habits at 6 months old. Our thanks to fellow twin bloggers the Curlettos for the inspiration behind this posting.

Eugene Francis IV
AKA: Little Man, Mr. Man, Big Burrito, Biggie Boy, The Biggest of the Biggies (this name applies to both children), The Doer
Known For: smiles that light up his entire face, loud belly laughs, sweaty feet, a bit of a temper when tired or hungry (along w/ a high pitched squeal), rolling over at night to sleep on his belly, sitting on his own for short periods, and smiling and laughing at our dog Farley (along with everyone else he meets).
Recent Milestones: eating solids twice a day, rolling over, standing (w/ balancing assistance from Mom or Dad) and two bottom teeth!
Favorite Toy/Game: Lamaze Clutch Cube and his Aquarium Bouncy Seat
Weight: 18lbs

Olivia Louise
AKA: Peaches Cheeks, Livi Lou, Sweet Burrito, Biggie Girl, The Biggest of the Biggies, The Thinker
Known For: big cheeks, a laid back personality (most of the time anyway), extremely long big toes, a laugh that sounds like a cough, intently studying all of her toys, and her shy girl smile..
Recent Milestones: eating solids twice a day, rolling over, standing (w/ balancing assistance from Mom or Dad), her own version of crawling (face down like a plow), sitting on her own for short periods, and one bottom tooth!
Favorite Toy/Game: her pink crinkle butterfly, playing Biggie Girl (a game made up by Grandpa Butterworth)
Weight: 16lbs


Blogger Renee Miller said...

Congrats on your adorable twins! I love the update on their habits and such...a lot of it sounds very familiar! :)
Hope all is well and that you are keeping busy (haha)!

10:22 AM, October 14, 2005  

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