Friday, January 13, 2006

Sleepwalking Weirdo: Part II

The following account is real. These are actual events, retold to the best of my ability, and with my wife's help.

I am not making this up.


Tracy and Gene's bedroom - 12:20 a.m. All is quiet. Moonlight streams through the windows. Olivia and Little Eugene are sleeping in their bedroom across the hall. Tracy sits up in bed and nudges Gene.

[Tracy] "Eugene, wake up."
[Gene] "hmm..." (sleepy)
[Tracy] "Eugene, where are the babies?"
[Gene] "hmm?...I don't know."
[Tracy] "Are the babies in bed with us?"

Gene begins to wake up, realizing what's happening.

[Gene] "Tracy, the babies are in their room. Go back to sleep."
[Tracy] "You mean the babies aren't in bed with us?"
[Gene] "No, they are not." (annoyed)
[Tracy] "Well, if they aren't in bed with us, then why did you tell me you didn't know when I first asked you? Hmm?" (accusingly)

Gene sits up in bed and looks at Tracy.

[Gene] "Maybe because I was asleep? (mildly annoyed) Tracy, you're having a dream. Go back to sleep." (somewhat understanding)

Tracy begins poking her hands under Gene's body.

[Gene] "Stop that! (loud whisper) Do you think I'm hiding the babies from you? You are having a dream. Go back to sleep." (very annoyed)

Tracy rolls over without another word. Gene lays back down to sleep.

Ten minutes pass. Gene wakes up to see Tracy looking under his side of the bed.

[Gene] "Tracy, what are you doing?" (matter-of-fact)
[Tracy] "Nothing." (nonchalant)

Tracy walks to her dresser and puts a shirt on, pretending that's the reason she got up. Gene watches as Tracy stands, hands on her dresser, slowly stepping out of her dream and back to reality. An understanding smile from Gene and Tracy, embarrassed, slips back in bed.


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