Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Happy Halloween! Sorry the photos are a little late. Did you think we would let the kid's first Halloween go by without dressing them in goofy costumes? Of course not. That would be irresponsible parenting. Eugene's first girlfriend will need to know that he was a turtle for Halloween. Olivia was a stunning pink leopard.

The twins enjoyed the night on the porch with us, as we handed out candy to the neighborhood kids. It quickly became apparent that we had too much candy, so I started handing out two pieces to everyone. Word spread fast, and soon kids were coming up asking if we were the "Two Piece" house. I hope that reputation doesn't carry over to next year.


Blogger Amy said...

They were TOO cute, and they seemed to enjoy their Halloween costumes a lot more than mine did. I'm glad you posted a comment on my blog, as I love reading other twin parent blogs--yours are a couple of months older than mine, so I get to see what to expect.

5:10 PM, December 02, 2005  

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