Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Hello everyone. I'm sorry it has been so long since the last posting. We've been, um, busy. So much has happened over the last couple of months. Where do I begin?

Saturday was the twins two month birthday. They keep on growing and eating and making dirty diapers - all things good newborns should do. They are both over 11 lbs. now. Tracy is taking them to the pediatrician today where they are due for some shots. BREAKING NEWS: Tracy is reporting that Eugene and Olivia made it through their shots o.k. They got four shots a piece - two in each leg.

Sunday night Tracy and I ventured out to dinner for the first time with Eugene and Olivia. We picked a kid-friendly place with a lot of background noise. Taking a deep breath, we entered the restaurant fully prepared to rush a screaming kid out to the parking lot in the middle of dinner. Amazingly, Eugene and Olivia slept through it all. We watched as other parents ran their screaming kids out to the parking lot. One day, we'll get to experience that joy.

The kids are mostly sleeping through the night now (5-6 hours). It's usually Eugene who wakes up first. I think Olivia would keep on sleeping if we let her. Overall, she's more easy going and less fussy. Even her crying seems soft and quiet. Eugene, on the other hand, lacks that softer, quieter side. That's not to say he doesn't have good moments. He can sit quietly and stare around the room for long periods of time. He just requires a different level of interaction when he's in one of his spastic moods. Much like a Labrador retriever craves aggressive petting from its owner, Eugene prefers a high level of activity when rocking, swinging and strolling.

Our first family road trip is coming up soon. Over Independence Day weekend we're heading down to Dad's shack at the beach. It's a three hour drive, which is about the amount of time in between feedings. I foresee the car ride being its own adventure.


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