Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas 2006

Christmas this year was very special for us as it was the first Christmas celebrated in our new home. It was also the first Christmas that Eugene and Olivia were old enough to enjoy opening and receiving presents.

Every year we have my entire family and Gene's family over to our house for Christmas Eve. This year was no different. The thing that has become quite different, however, is that we went from a large family gathering with no little ones to having four little ones present within the span of a year. My two closest cousins each had a child of their own within six months of the twins being born. Lindsay is six months older than the twins and Mason is six months younger.

Here are some shots of all of the munchkins opening their gifts...

Lindsay (in the green) and Mason (in the stripes)...

Here are some pics of Eugene and Olivia opening their gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. Eugene is opening his most favorite gift of all... Dusty the Vacuum (who he affectionately calls "The Mower"). He's been obsessed with Mommy's "Mower" so we thought he should have one of his own.
Olivia got twin (boy/girl, of course) babies and a stroller to push them in from Santa. I don't think she really cares about the babies but loves to push the stroller around the house right along side her brother with his "mower".
And what toddler would be complete without their very own Doctor kit?

Now that Christmas is over, the twins have spent the week keeping very busy with their new toys. And Mommy has been kept busy trying to reorganize the playroom to make room for all of the new toys!
Olivia modeling some of the new accessories that she got from Oma and Grandpa. This girl LOVES to play dress up!
And of course looking your best (right down to the Elmo slippers) is a necessity for cooking dinner in your new kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa!
And Eugene is still "mowing"...
All of this playing sure can make you tired. Breaks are necessary from time to time!
And what day would be complete without a little bathtub art before bed?? This is one of the shots that will have to be saved to embarrass them when they're older!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone gave my twins that same vacuum cleaner and they have been fighting over it non-stop! I can't believe how big your two have gotten since May. They are gorgeous!

10:03 AM, January 17, 2007  

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